7 Springs Farm has been in our family since 1968. We have always raised grassfed beef here and started raising lamb a few years ago now. We enjoy caring for our livestock, and they help us take care of our land. It is a great partnership!

The cattle eat the grass in a certain field. When we move them to the next field, we let the sheep into the field the cattle were just in. Sheep have a slightly differnet diet than cattle. They prefer more of the broad leaf plants and forbs that the cattle won’t touch. Sheep and cattle work great hand in hand, eating most plant varieties that grow on our farm.

We are now beginning to raise pastured pigs. We will raise them free range on pasture, not confined in a lot, and they will be supplemented with some feed. We do not plan on feeding any corn. Unlike cattle and sheep, pigs cannot live on grass alone. They need to be supplemented with a feed. Our pastured pork should be available to purchase beginning in Summer 2014.